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13 November 1997

A further note to ask you to ponder S&H 568:1-8. It is the spiritual purity and innocence of being that precludes the possibility of anything foreign to itself appearing. You do not try to fight, argue, or reason with error at its level, but you know that anything that is said that is not the Word of God announcing its own wholeness, harmony, and peace, has never been said. Error cannot fight what it does not know or see, and your Mind is innocent of any knowledge of anything outside of itself. This is the only way that overcomes error. You remember how Goliath said, “Give me a man that we may fight together”. David was too wise to descend to that level and fight error with error—the belief it was really something.

Being is just as it should be and is inviolate. The supposition of another state has never made one.