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14 April 1996

We have accepted the one Mind as ours and therefore we are concerned only with what we are admitting as our thinking, knowing the right idea to be already included in Mind and the false belief forever precluded. Un. 7:8 is lovely, because the reason that the infinite can recognise no disease is that, being infinite, it antedates all supposition that there is anything unlike itself.

“In the beginning [the only], … the earth was without form and void.” (See S&H 520:21-6) Matter is always without form. It is not a condition, a person, a location, a substance, a cause, a process, or an effect. It is void because it has never had the chance to appear on the horizon of the infinite.

Looking out from and as the one Mind, we see only the infinite: the eternality of Life, the nature of Love, the unas- sailable facts of Truth.