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15 February 2004

I cannot stress sufficiently what I have probably said before which is that our work in Science is never reactive. We do not take what human sense says is a problem and try and make it into what human sense says is a solution. We are outside of the whole judgment arena where we humanly try to distinguish between good and evil. That immediately puts thought into duality and “…the uncertain sense of right…” (S&H 326:24). Our starting point has to be that, no matter how human sense may interpret it, the only thing going on is Good, God.

It may be that, through conscientious study, mental self- discipline, etc., we may effect a change of belief; but this is not Christian Science healing. True healing starts and stays with the fact that all is Mind here and now. Mind manifesting itself constitutes God, man, and the universe. The message that “God is light and in Him is no darkness at all” (1 John 1:5), is that of Science. This is the revelation—a word that means to reveal or lift the curtain on—of man as coexistent with God. (See S&H 557:18-21) This revelation includes no human effort and no human mind. It causes the belief in a human mind, in which every problem resides, to fade out as darkness before the light. But this is only the human sense
of that which, to the divine Mind, is unknown. This Mind knows neither crucifixion (the disappearing of the mortal)
or resurrection (the reappearing of Truth). It lives in and as the ascension, (the exaltation above all material conditions) which is unaware of anything taking place outside of God- being. (See No and Yes 36:6-20) This refers to your true and conscious being.

In the First Edition Mrs. Eddy writes, “the purpose of Jesus was not to heal the sick but to reveal man”.