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17 July

There is a sentence which reads, “Science reveals the glorious possibilities of man [thought] forever unlimited by the mortal senses” (S&H 288:27-28). Mrs. Eddy also talks in many places of “pure Mind”. Pure Mind is consciousness without a single element of material sense. It is your true status, and in dropping the material sense of things, nothing is lost but all is enhanced. It is from this standpoint that S&H 207:8-13 becomes meaningful. You are not being challenged by some problem too big to contain, but that the inadequacy of material sense is exposed.

All evil is untrue, not because you know it is but because it is. The belief, as opposed to the Science of Life, contains within itself all problems. But the only problem is just a belief about, an inversion of, the truth.

A lecturer once remarked that, when a cat meets a dog, and the cat arches its back, you remove the dog. You don’t treat the cat for curvature of the spine! There is no curvature of the spine, or any other error. You remove material sense.