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18th July 1983

I have so enjoyed the bit in the Lesson that man is the recognition of Spirit, Spirit’s own recognition of itself. This is instead of being material sensation. This is our only task, to live as this self-recognition of infinite good. (S&H 287:27-31)

To sense, the sun comes and does something to the darkness resulting in the dawn. To understanding, all that is happening is that the sun, always shining, causes darkness to give itself up in its presence. They no more coincide than a straight line and a curve. The human and divine coincidence is simply the human melting its limitations in the presence of Truth, and so leaving nothing but the divine. The ‘divine coincidence’ is the eternal oneness of Principle and idea, the Ego, and this is how you live, with no adjustment needed. The dawn is inevitable, but we watch the light and not the dawn.

Mr. Clark of Lynn is important because of the sentences before and after (S&H 192:30). Before, we see that when thought is unselfed there is nothing left to it but divine power, so divine power and not MBE visited Mr. Clark. The sentence after (193:32), shows that where divine power unadulterated by person is present—that is, where pure Mind is present—there too is its spiritual idea, man, since the doctrine of Christian Science is that divine Love cannot be deprived of its object. So, again, we are only concerned in letting that Mind be us which was also Christ Jesus. (194:2-5)