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19th December 1982

…meanwhile I am doing a little daily work just to acknowledge the fact that we are never talking about a healing but the eternal Truth which is far anterior to any mortal story. You see, we read last week that it is impossible to understand God’s creation while believing that man is a creator. We cannot understand, enjoy, God’s conception from the standpoint of cause, and at the same time try and conceive from the standpoint of effect.

God sees, and what God sees is very good, or God. The knowledge of salvation is the divine knowledge that antedates the mortal claim to history. Christian Science does not ‘heal’ in the conventional sense because “Christ cannot come to mortal and material sense that sees not God” (Un. 60:26-27)! Truth cannot come down to the “…sinful misconception of Life as something less than God” (S&H 542:29-1) because “Even Christ cannot reconcile Truth to error…” (S&H 19:5). We can only look out from the Mind that is God, and let this clear vision chase away the mist of mortal mind and the false images that this mist contains.

Take the synonyms and see each as a top storey window from which you obtain the correct view. Ask yourself, What do I see out of the window of divine Love, Truth, Mind, etc.? All the qualities that you see are your own being, and so you can say This is Me. Love never loses sight of loveliness; Mind dwells in the realm of Mind; Soul beholds its own beauty; Life demonstrates Life. All this is the correct view. You see with God’s eyes this way.