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2 December 2001

Nothing is going on ever but the one, infinite, indivisible and universal Mind unfolding itself as Mind-manifest, or man in His likeness. Hence in Misellaneous Writings: “Divine Science demonstrates Mind as dispelling a false sense and giving the true sense of itself God, and the universe…” (S&H 190:4-6). The whole operation takes place in Mind: there is no human partner, and the initiative lies entirely with Truth, that which is, asserting itself over the beliefs of mortal mind, or illusion.

We just stay with the fact that Reality is, and is good and is All: and the false pictures, apparent only to material sense, have no entity but are simply inverted pictures of the good that is here now. “So evil and all its forms are inverted good” (Un. 53:2). So we stay with and proceed from and rejoice in that which is already present without option.