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20th August 2003

The question asked was this:

How can I live in alignment with these truths and still reap the joy and satisfaction of living in this so-called world? Any books you recommend in particular?

The answer was:

The simple answer to your question is that you can’t! To try to realign your thoughts in a way that will allow you to enjoy both a human and a divine sense of being would end up with having the worst of both worlds. The infinite is one, not two. In the definition of God on page 465 the second adjective to describe deity is “divine”. S&H 98:31-2 and 99:13-17 means that everything takes place as your divinity. God is a term that means Principle and idea. So your Life, being God, is divine now. Everything, down to the smallest detail of experience, is the expression of divinity. Human sense (an educational term, that in no way applies to you) attaches familiar labels to this experience and calls it home, or job, or flower or tree, etc., but this human concept is not anything in its own right but simply a limited view of that which is actually divine, the limitation appearing because of the attempt to see things through the lens of a solaced human mind. The human concept is simply a shadow cast over things which never actually alters anything or makes it human. The only reality is divinity: hence S&H 116:8-10. You live as all-inclusive divinity now, and so enjoy the best of one world.