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22 December

I feel that the story of the Children of Israel on page 308/309 and also the reference on page 566:1-11 is a useful reminder of what not to be! You see, they were aspiring to a better state, which they had put outside of themselves. They saw themselves as that which was being guided, rather than identifying with the spiritual idea that does the guiding. They were fighting a false sense, and so had a constant battle. But Science is the revelation that there are no personal lives, minds and aspirations, but just the one divine Mind unfolding itself as one, infinite, indivisible whole of good. There are no fragmentary ideas in Mind. It is all or nothing! In the realm of ideas, everything is omnipresent, universal, infinite, indivisible. It is only beliefs that are divided into good here but not there, or clients later but not now. It is only belief that wants a better understanding of some truth.

We turn away from what belief is saying—even a so-called right human motive—to the spiritual fact that the teeming universe of Mind is already fulfilling all space; that the purity of divine Love is the only fact about love; that the only time is now, so there is no future to fear, and no past to regret; that the only body is the embodiment, the aggregate, of all right ideas that constitute Mind’s knowledge. Specifically, man does not digest Truth. You see that the result of this is indigestion on page 559:20-31. Here are the Children of Israel again! Error hides from itself the truth of being but your identity is with and as Truth, and so nothing can hide from you what you are. You live on the sunny side of the cloud where all is always light.

That which argues from the standpoint of the finite, and so from limitation, is not your Mind, and so it is not what it is saying, but its right to speak, that you reject. (See Unity 54:3-5) Do not yearn to be free of desire. Just gently stay as much as you can with the spiritual fact of completeness, not condemning what appears to be the highest way of its expression, until the fleshly sense of things yields to that which is already present as consciousness. Then, there is no struggle; no child of Israel contest; just infinite Love not allowing you anything that is second best because only that which is like its own nature is permissible. You cannot put right the duality of the human sense at the level of the human. Let what you are push out what you are not.

Christmas is the constant dawning of the Christ-Truth in daily life, but you are re-identified with the Christ, with the day-star of being, and not with the pale star of human expectancy to be followed by the evening star of human decline!

You are much and happily in thought, and this brings every good wish.