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24th March 1983

The understanding that all inharmony is unreal brings objects into human view in their correct light. This is because there is not a human and divine view. There is only the divine and infinite. Material sense has a finite sense of the infinite, but it is still the infinite. Understanding melts the dark glass, the ignorance called mortal mind, so that there is a less finite sense of the infinite. We are always saying, “Open thou mine eyes that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law ” (Ps. 119:18). There is no such thing as a human lack or deficiency. What appears to human sense as a deficiency, when reversed, is always the insistence of the divine Love that we should experience yet another aspect of our fullness of stature. The sentence of God, which we cannot annul, is the sentence of Love that is pronounced on every belief that Life is less than God. We are not permitted to enjoy less than the fullness of the stature of the Christ.

As we learn to look out from Mind we begin to conceive of the omnipresence of all good as our own being and the scales fall from the eyes. We read that we cannot conceive of such omnipresence except as infinite Mind. Mind conceives Mind.

We never work from faith to understanding, from the second to the third degree. Things dawn in faith, but dawn
is always the view from the earth. They glow full orbed in spiritual understanding, which is the view from heaven. Faith yields to but does not become understanding. There is no human process.

All that exists is God and His idea of vision, home, activity, strength, etc. and there is no room for any other idea or belief in a Mind full of itself. This is your Mind, and with it you enjoy the centre and circumference of your being, with nothing too close to be in focus or too far to be out of sight.

We cannot stay within the framework of the mortal and then try to work about what we think is ourself. We live above corporeal sense in the new dimension of Spirit, and from this vantage point correct the false sense that is pre- sented to us. We cannot correct it from within it. The new framework is when we unite with the one Mind so we are cognizant only of the things of God.

Looking from this viewpoint we see man as the immediate object of understanding. And there is no medium of matter through which this view comes to us.