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25th January 1983

I was so delighted to get your letter and to hear of your attitude to things. You see, there is only one operation, the operation of divine Principle in human consciousness forcing the shadows to flee away! “Human thought never projected the least portion of true being” (S&H 126:8). So there is no other operation. As we interpret operation from the standpoint of divine Principle—as all things have to be interpreted—the material sense diminishes.

You have no role as “A” Christian Scientist. You live
as Christ Science—as divine understanding, as God’s own divine understanding. (See Mis. 167:14-15) You live as the “marriage feast”—as the experience of all that God has joined together in this one, indivisible whole of being. You have no decisions because you have no separate mind.

Always remember that the “practical Christian Science” described on page 204 of Miscellaneous Writings is incidental to the truth of being shining through the clouds. This practical Christian Science is Mind (top of 205). It is all Mind. Nothing else is going on, as we see on page 190 of Mis. 4-6. There is not Mind and something else trying to do Mind’s will. There is just Mind asserting itself, and this is your Mind and what Mind is knowing constitutes your Life.