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28 May

There is neither a slow nor a fast learner in Science. That which says it is a slow learner is no more true than the belief that there is a learner, or something to learn, in the first place.

You do not live in any degree of mortal mind—not even the third. You live as Immortal Mind—the oneness of Mind and its idea. In this presence, the clouds of mortal mind, or mesmerism, dissolve, and the true image is revealed. But you have nothing to do with this process, nor does this so-called process add to or take from a single bit of your present being.

There is not a human and a divine. The human and divine coincidence is the disappearance of the human limited con- cept, so that all that remains is the divine. The “…coincidence of God and man as the divine Principle and divine idea” (S&H 561:23-24) is all that really exists.