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30 March 1997

S&H 291:13-18. You live as that ‘divine state of Mind’ in which there is no capacity to know, feel, experience, see, hear, move or enjoy separate from God, because in this state of Mind, manifestation is nothing of its own, having no inherent qualities or capabilities, but is the Mind of the Lord in self-manifestation. In this state of Mind there is no consciousness of error of any kind, either appearing as one’s own or another’s experience, because “The divine understanding reigns, is all, and there is no other consciousness” (S&H 536:8-9). There is no personal rightness or wrongness, because there is no personality. There is no identification with that upside down view of man called a mortal and so no experience of anything that this illusion includes.

Mind, being the source of all life and action (margin on page 283:6), the belief of man as physical, structural, func- tioning materially, has no reality. It is the belief that man is separate from God, and that Science is something to be used for human betterment, that appears to lose the true sense of Mind’s power (283:21-24 and margin). And it is this belief alone that has to dissolve, because in the omnipresence and universality of Truth it is forever unknown.

It is only the supposition that man has a life of his own that is crucified, because it would bury the truth in the sepulcher of the human concept, and it is this concept that antagonises the divine that you are. (Mis. 309:22-24) The demonstration is never in that which was crucified being resurrected, but in the fact that the true idea of being was never in the human concept and so never went to Calvary.

The belief that life is the “…objective state of material sense” (S&H 283:17), being the opposite of the divine state of Mind, is false identification which in turn says, ‘I am man; I must feed, clothe, heal, support, finance, maintain this concept’. But this is untrue. S&H 416:16 only: “The material body, which you call me, is mortal mind.” Everything is here and now taking place exactly as Mind, I, know it.