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4th December

I love the margin note ‘No healing in sin’. Sin, as you know, is the basic error of belief in life separate from God. To start from this belief, and seek to correct the phenomena within it, is abortive because the problems are never in the phenomena but are inherent in the belief. “The basic error is mortal mind” (S&H 405:1). So “…we must leave the mortal basis of belief and unite with the one Mind…” (S&H 424:6- 7), for it is in Mind that there is no belief, and so no problem. The belief and its phenomena are mirage only.

This is why no healing actually takes place at a human level, for the Word made flesh is simply the disappearance of the supposition that life and substance are in matter before the sovereign ever-presence of “Principle and its idea…” (S&H 465:17). The whole of Science is summarised in Miscellaneous Writings 190:4-6. The sun shines, dissolves
the mist, to reveal the sun shining. This is what the perfect Christian Science treatment is. S&H 251:20-23 only.

Start and stay with what is spiritually true—i.e., true from the standpoint of God, and this spiritual idea of everything outlines its own conditions in an appreciable way. But we
do take both feet off the bottom of the swimming pool! No semi-metaphysics!