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6 Astell Street, April 8, 1981

Thank you for your letter, and of course I will help. I believe that parents can help very much in situations like this where there is such an expectancy that the child will perform as he should. Our educated belief tells us that everything comes to us from outside, that knowledge is imparted by others. Then we worry that we have not absorbed sufficient to meet certain human demands. This is indeed how it may appear, but it is incorrect. All that is ever going on is the
one infinite cause that we call good, or God, unfolding itself without hindrance as one, infinite, altogether lovely effect. This is all that is true about teacher or pupil. The Mind that poses the question is the Mind that answers the question, since “Known unto God [Mind]are all his works from the beginning of the world” (Acts 15:18), and “But he is in one Mind…” ( Job 23:13).

So our job is to remove the fear which is based always on the inadequacy of the human mind, by seeing the total adequacy of this one divine Mind. Intelligence is a quality of God and cannot be attenuated by human misconception.