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7 April 2003

S&H 72:2-3. Mind’s communication is in terms of self-understanding. It speaks to, sees, hears, itself. It does not express itself through or to a medium. (See page 73:30-32 and margin) You have eyes because you see, or rather, because Mind sees. The symbol is present because God is present even though human sense will label this presence in terms

of its highest point of perception. This point changes as the clarity of Truth makes the symbol increasingly redundant. It does not improve the symbol but lets it fade out in the pres- ence of the idea behind it. But, make no mistake, the symbol is God-present however it may be interpreted, otherwise God, good, would be absent so far as you are concerned.

Mortal belief, called discord of any kind, cannot touch God-present in the form that you can appreciate. It claims to cast a shadow thereby giving the impression that something is wrong. But, the lesson here is in Ps. 115:2-9. The material body is just such an idol. There was never any power or presence resident in it, and only belief or mirage, says there was. Remember, the straight line and the circle may appear to touch but they never actually do, and you live as the sphere of good. In this sphere or circle only God is going on.