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8th March 1987

“Divine Science rolls back the clouds” (S&H 557:19). You are never being rolled. The truth is that Mind demands the proof of its own existence, and this proof is its expression or manifestation. The conscious identity of being is man, and Mind makes being conscious of its identity by showing forth what it is. Mind demands the display of strength to show forth the proof of its own omnipotence. That is why Mind (omnipotence) demands man’s entire strength. It does not belong to man. Mind calls forth the opportunity to demonstrate itself. Mind demands and Mind supplies in response to that demand.

Mortal mind (terminology) claims to reverse this and to say that the initiative is with something outside Mind, calling on Mind to meet its need and supply its deficiency. It says that demand comes from effect instead of Cause. It therefore places a gap between need and supply. The fact is that need and supply are two aspects of one being.

It is never some problem calling forth Truth to supply an answer, but always Truth demanding the proof of what it already is. The initiative is with Truth, and nothing takes place at the level of mortal mind.

Much love and I appreciate all you are. And remember the qualities of Soul are always in perfect balance with and supported by the qualities of Spirit.