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9th July 1989

I am sure we have to keep in thought the message of S&H 31:14-16 and not be tempted to accept the stolidity of mortal thought that wants to hide the morale behind the napkin! It is thrust at us all the time, and of course you know better.

MBE tells us that “…under [all] circumstances, [not just some] overcome evil with good. Know thyself…” (S&H 571:15-16) and the margin says “The armor of divinity”. Know your present divinity and the divinity of all things, untouched by the discord of mortal opinions. This alone does the work, for it melts the mirage instead of tinkering with it.

You are never a person standing for Principle. That is Bunyan’s ‘Mr. Valiant-for-Truth’! You stand as the operation of divine Principle to your whole experience, thus being rooted and grounded in Love. You cannot be uprooted from any good, either in experience or location.