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Barn House, 11th November

That which feels unfulfilled or blighted is that which believes it is starting outside of its Principle and is trying to attain some point. The reverse is true. You start with your co-existence with your divine Principle, Love, and so as the shared experience of “Principle and its idea…” as one substance, one consciousness, one Being. (See S&H 465:17)

“Perfection is gained only by perfection” (S&H 290:19-20). It is the present fulfillment, perfection, satisfaction of being that is where we begin, and the only progress is the falling away of that which claims to hide what we are. I, Love, have never known anything other than My fullness. I have never known a blighted bud or a disappointment. I have never known a choice because there are no alternatives in the infinite One. I start and stay as a sense of total perfection and completeness, and there is nothing in My Mind to think otherwise.

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Barn House, 14th December 1996

You say, ‘I accept I am one with Principle’. But beware. It is the one I, Principle’s idea of I, that is one with Principle, for the I is Principle and not idea. No person can make this statement. In Principle’s idea of I there is no mortal I to drop and indeed, person cannot get rid of person anyhow. It is all a myth.

The senses will always deny the truth, and this is why it is the corporeal senses that are to be seen as illusion and not just their phenomena. Mind dwells in the realm of Mind. This is where I AM. I, Love, never lose sight of the loveliness of My being. I, Soul, feel the satisfaction of My own being. I, Life, nourish and perpetuate My own being. Nothing true ever mingles with the belief of personal sense trying or not trying to be spiritual.

Error never challenges Truth. The allness of Truth knows no challenge and no threat and no alternative. It is God’s thoughts about God that constitute our experience, and you can usefully take time just pondering the thoughts that each synonym is having about itself and realising that these thoughts constitute all the experience there is.

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19th December 1982

…meanwhile I am doing a little daily work just to acknowledge the fact that we are never talking about a healing but the eternal Truth which is far anterior to any mortal story. You see, we read last week that it is impossible to understand God’s creation while believing that man is a creator. We cannot understand, enjoy, God’s conception from the standpoint of cause, and at the same time try and conceive from the standpoint of effect.

God sees, and what God sees is very good, or God. The knowledge of salvation is the divine knowledge that antedates the mortal claim to history. Christian Science does not ‘heal’ in the conventional sense because “Christ cannot come to mortal and material sense that sees not God” (Un. 60:26-27)! Truth cannot come down to the “…sinful misconception of Life as something less than God” (S&H 542:29-1) because “Even Christ cannot reconcile Truth to error…” (S&H 19:5). We can only look out from the Mind that is God, and let this clear vision chase away the mist of mortal mind and the false images that this mist contains.

Take the synonyms and see each as a top storey window from which you obtain the correct view. Ask yourself, What do I see out of the window of divine Love, Truth, Mind, etc.? All the qualities that you see are your own being, and so you can say This is Me. Love never loses sight of loveliness; Mind dwells in the realm of Mind; Soul beholds its own beauty; Life demonstrates Life. All this is the correct view. You see with God’s eyes this way.

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18th July 1983

I have so enjoyed the bit in the Lesson that man is the recognition of Spirit, Spirit’s own recognition of itself. This is instead of being material sensation. This is our only task, to live as this self-recognition of infinite good. (S&H 287:27-31)

To sense, the sun comes and does something to the darkness resulting in the dawn. To understanding, all that is happening is that the sun, always shining, causes darkness to give itself up in its presence. They no more coincide than a straight line and a curve. The human and divine coincidence is simply the human melting its limitations in the presence of Truth, and so leaving nothing but the divine. The ‘divine coincidence’ is the eternal oneness of Principle and idea, the Ego, and this is how you live, with no adjustment needed. The dawn is inevitable, but we watch the light and not the dawn.

Mr. Clark of Lynn is important because of the sentences before and after (S&H 192:30). Before, we see that when thought is unselfed there is nothing left to it but divine power, so divine power and not MBE visited Mr. Clark. The sentence after (193:32), shows that where divine power unadulterated by person is present—that is, where pure Mind is present—there too is its spiritual idea, man, since the doctrine of Christian Science is that divine Love cannot be deprived of its object. So, again, we are only concerned in letting that Mind be us which was also Christ Jesus. (194:2-5)

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No Date

I do not expect there to be any trouble by the time this reaches you, but the letter is just to confirm a point.

Truth operates unspent. This is why the idea of Truth, the consciousness of Truth, cannot be exhausted. The world’s revolution is not a cause: it is effect. Revolving round the world is not a cause either. To experience broader views is effect, and effect cannot have an effect!

All that is good in your travels are the views of divine Love, and they are always here, not there. Belief says you move from place to place. Understanding tells you that you are immovably fixed in Principle, and so dwell as central stillness round which revolve all things in the system of your own being. I think you will find Ret. 88:28 helpful.

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25th August

We always stay, as you know, with what is right and never with what humanly has to be put right. It is because the Judge of all the earth does right that the verdict of divine intelligence is already pronounced. It is because Mind does not make a mistake and then regret it, that no sense of a mistake can enter or affect your experience. (See S&H 206:29-30) It is because, while the human errs, the unerring Principle of man does not, that you are exempt from anything that claims to come from elsewhere than Principle, either as a claim to cause or effect.

We live in the ‘only’ and so we live as that which has never been touched or influenced by a single material claim.

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Barn House, 11th February 1999

MBE speaks of Truth as “immovably fixed in Principle” (Ret. 93:12). In a universe of thought, this means that true thinking abides in and is inseparable from its source or Principle. It cannot fall away from this Principle, any more than a mathematical law can depart from the principle of math. We are only watching thought, and not what she calls “the imitative movements of mortal belief” (S&H 212:31-32). They are taken care of in the sense that as we know the truth of man’s relationship to his Principle, divine Love, the belief that we ever were identified with a personal life that operates in an orbit of its own falls away. Just watch that thought proceeds all the time from its truly divine source. This is the practice of CS.

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14th July 1987

Perfection does not animate imperfection and certainly cannot animate something that is nothing, nowhere, and no one! We see the presence of the Christ-man in place of the mirage. We see the animating divine Principle constituting all being. Idea is one with this Principle because “Principle and its idea is … God”. (See S&H 465:17) It is helpful, if somewhat disconcerting to Tom, Dick or Harry, to remember that “before Abraham was, I am” (John 8:58).

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8th December 1989

I stay with Mis. 182:5-13: “‘As many as received him;’ that is, as many as perceive man’s actual existence in and of his divine Principle, receive the Truth of existence; and these have no other God, no other Mind, no other origin; therefore in time they lose their false sense of existence, and find their adoption with the Father; to wit, the redemption of the body. Through divine Science man gains the power to become the son of God, to recognise his perfect and eternal estate.” For having no origin in time or the past, there is only the now of eternal Life, and therefore in the time or temporal world we lose a false sense.

Also Mis. 258:12-19: “In the spiritual Genesis of creation, all law was vested in the Lawgiver, who was a law to Himself. In divine Science, God is One and All; and governing Himself, He governs the universe. This is the law of creation: ‘My defense is of God, which saveth the upright in heart.’ And that infinite Mind governs all things. On this infinite Principle of freedom, God named Himself, I AM.”

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November 26

You are much in thought. I feel the simplest way is just to stay with the fact that I AM ALL. You see, the light does not say ‘I am not a shadow’. The light is being light, oblivious of an alternative. So it is that spiritual understanding, the light of Truth, does not have to waste a minute on declaring what is not true. It does not have to say ‘my sense of womanhood, or work, or anything else needs improving’ for it is only knowing the perfection of being, the beauty of holiness, imperishable glory.

Mind does not argue. When Jesus argued with the Pharisees, they plotted how to destroy him. But the scientific way of dealing with error was when he was confronted by the adulterous woman, and simply wrote her whole story in the dust, the nothingness, of the ground. (See John 8:6) Divine Love looks right through the mirage and sees only the loveliness, the wholeness, the joy and abundance, the total rightness of its own being, and this is your only capacity to see.