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December 10, 1989

You know that “The Lord [spiritual sense] shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore” (Ps. 121:8)—my outgoings and income—in perfect balance, and the balance on the side of good is always the allness of good and the consequent nothingness of its opposite. “Matter is an error of statement” (S&H 277:26-27). Matter never made a problem: it just stated there was one, and matter is simply mortal mind. There is nothing to any problem but the statement of it. So there is nothing to put right ‘out there’ but all to be acknowledged as right ‘here’.

Mis. 258:12-15 and 17-19 is great. Freedom is not freedom from, but the freedom of God’s being which is All.

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Barn House, December 21

Thank you for your card and enclosure. That which knows man as spiritual idea is Mind, God. Man does not know himself, any more than your image in the mirror can know about itself. Starting with God means beginning as the I that has never known anything but itself. I have always lived as I, satisfied, complete, safe, and problemless. I have always dwelt in the light, not lights, and there is nothing outside of Me, whether disguised as person, place or thing.

Keep it simple. It is not even knowing the true idea and trusting that body will conform. It is knowing that which has never been concerned with a human mind or body, because they are myths that have never entered your divine consciousness. My being is safety, harmony, and eternal bliss. There is nothing outside of or foreign to Myself, so nothing to fear.

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July 11, 1978

It is important to see that you never entered the objectification of material sense called physique. If you think you did, then it is hard to correct it. Hence the command that we “…live [above] corporeal sense and correct it” (S&H 167:7). We cannot correct it if we live in it!

To have no other gods means to objectify nothing. All exists as idea within and as Mind. There is nothing outside. To think that anything is outside or comes from outside is objectification and carries with it loss of dominion.

We have to get the sense of “Principle and its idea [is] one…” (S&H 465:17). There are not two entities, God and man. There is only one. We call the cause aspect God and the effect aspect man. You live as “I and my Father” (John 10:30), “Principle and its idea…” (S&H 465:17). You live as the functioning presence of all that is good, and you never had anything to do with the finity called a mortal.

That is why you are right in saying that we do not move towards Truth. Nor does the mortal know Truth. Truth knows itself, since God is the only Mind and what Mind knows about itself is the truth and is man. In the same vein, man is expression, not expresser. Mind expresses itself as man and man is the functioning expression of Mind. The onus is on Mind to maintain and express itself, never on man.

Your capacity to know Truth is the capacity of Truth itself, which appears despite and not because of the belief that capacity is human. So you know with and as the power of the Word, and so you feel the power of the Word. As you say, we just let Tom and John retreat in the divine presence that we are.

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October 6

There is no corporeal being knowing Truth. “If we pray [to] God as a corporeal person, this will prevent us from relinquishing the human doubts and fears which attend such a belief…” (S&H 13:20-22). This keeps the fears and doubts of twoness. “Not materially but spiritually we know Him [as] divine Mind, as Life…” (S&H 140:7-8). Prayer is God knowing God. The capability to know Truth is always the capability of Truth itself, appearing despite and not because of the human sense of things. So it has the power of Truth. Thus do you feel the power of the Word.

Mind knows: and this totality of Mind knowing, God being, Life living, is the Ego and the way you exist. From the standpoint of this Ego there has never been a mortal, divided, plural sense of being. “…properly speaking there are no material senses…” (S&H, 26th Edition 421: 6-7). So it follows there are not throats and so nothing to which belief can attach itself. Instead there is just I AM being and constituting All.

This sense of the Ego dissolves the adamant of error, which is always a wrong sense of self, or person, kept and maintained by self-will, self-justification, or self-love. The Ego never knew a person, and living as the Ego results in present experience being freer of earth-weights and so more distinctive and original than before.

Dwell with the I AM. That is the sanctuary. Never join the passing procession of mortal mind.

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February 28, 1979

Thank you for yours of 19 February. Of course I will continue and am glad just to see this all through. Here are several points.

What mortal mind sees as a process in time, of sowing and reaping, is the counterfeit of the spiritual fact. “For God to know is to be” (No and Yes 16:1-2). What I know, I AM. Idea is the immediate object of understanding without delay. Hence S&H 183:8-15.

I AM ALL HERE NOW. I precludes he, she or they; AM precludes was or will be. All precludes an alternative. Here precludes there. Now precludes then. This is God’s law: the law of the great I AM which constitutes your experience.

Love knowing its own ideas is all that is going on instead of the belief of mortal minds believing their own beliefs; and it is here, in your own consciousness, and not there, in others, that we see this to be so. Then what we see here appears as there. Here is all there is to there!

You love your neighbor as yourself not by seeing him as your neighbor, but by seeing that the divine selfhood is all there is to you or him. So there is no other mind to be afraid. Love dissolves it.

As we said, being is underived. Mortal belief requires as essential, certain material conditions. But the essential nature of the infinite holds within itself all good and knows and requires nothing outside of itself. Hence S&H 460:6-8 and 465:13-14. One part does not give to or take from another part, since being is one indivisible whole. Never try to deal with what other folks are believing but know that in place of other folks’ minds is the one Mind knowing and being.

The world belief is mediumship: that is, that Spirit has to be expressed through matter. Underived being knows no medium. This understanding then causes what appears as the medium to conform with the least trouble. So you do not depend on the medium of bank for supply, but the understanding that supply is the direct experience of your Mind will cause the medium to behave!

The only growth is unfoldment: growth in “…grace, expressed in patience, meekness, love, and good deeds” (S&H 4:4-5). Hence your growth is not seen or influenced by world beliefs that apply to mortal mind’s own misconception of growth and not to you. You do not come under the law that applies to material growth. Yours is the unfoldment of good: not the expansion of matter. Hence 255:1-3.

There has never been a mistake so there is no penalty. Truth antedates error.

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October 3, 1978

I feel we need to get this sense of abandoning the private, personal sense of life. The I AM, which is the present consciousness of Principle and idea as one entity, was never buried in the mortal, personal sense of things. We do not consider ourselves as person and then seek healing from an agency called CS. Instead we see that as the I AM, we enjoy the divine record of ourselves in which person and all things material have never occurred.

When we work, we shut the door on all personal history for ourselves and others. We shut out the divided sense of being. We enter the sanctuary—the I AM. We leave Tom, Dick and Harry behind. In this sanctuary we plead and enjoy God’s allness. We enjoy the totality of good that is our present state. We enjoy our infinite being, not personalised, materialised or localised. We pause on the threshold long enough to see that every claim of life in matter and as person is simply suggestion and not an alternate state. Then we dismiss it, along with the first sentence in the scientific statement of being, and get on with the real fact expressed in the second sentence, “All is infinite Mind and its infinite [man] manifestation” (S&H 468:10-11).

Take those pages of the chapter on Prayer about going into the closet and then practice your divinity here and now. You do not have a throat or body, but you do live as the body or embodiment of all good—as God’s body if you will—in which every single idea is functioning correctly because it is constituted of Love.

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July 20

Thank you for your interesting letter.

I think I gave you Mis. 201:3-6. This means that if we make any desirable quality like peace, opportunity, activity, safety, etc.—all qualities of Spirit—subject to some material or external conditions, then this is human will, and so the denial of the fact that “…matter can make no conditions for man” (S&H 120:11-12).

The second point is S&H 97:13-17 and margin at line 7. Any apparent change in human appearances is a dangerous resemblance! The human never crosses over the border into the divine, nor does the mortal become immortal. There is no magic moment of healing. But the false sense dissolves before the true. All material beliefs give place to Spirit’s own scientific demonstration, and this demonstration is God’s perfect man that you already are. As you correctly write, ‘knowing illimitable divinity IS the demonstration’, and, of course, it is God that does the knowing. God-knowing is man.

The contrast between Peo. 5:23-24 and S&H 465:17-1 is interesting. In both cases, one in belief and the other in fact, experience is subject to and constituted by the mind that is seeing it. The true sense of subjectivity is to accept only that which is true from the standpoint of your divinity. All else is just belief calling itself a believer and experiences the consequence of belief. None of this is you.

An “idea about” man means to put man somewhere outside thought. The idea that is man never leaves thought nor the Mind that conceives it. The idea of home is home. The idea of substance is substance. Man is the idea of God, God’s idea of everything, and never leaves Mind. You live as that oneness called Principle and idea, or Singer and song, or Smiler and smile!

Your question about the Movement is one I will turn back to you! Where is your sense of movement, church, Science going? Is there anything outside the sense of it? Are you accepting Mind’s immaculate conception or the human concept as your thought?

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Fir Tree Cottage, February 23

S&H 76:10-12. Living as that infinite Adorable One, called Principle and idea, Love and its manifestation, nothing about you ever entered a finite form. You live infinitely, as the infinite indivisible body or experience of Mind. The whole picture of a located, finite body in the first place, and so something right or wrong with it in the second place, is just mirage. The tree and water in a mirage may tell you that there is a tree and water, but it is neither of these and neither is located there. The pictures of a mortal state have no more to do with you than the pictures of a mirage have to do with the real tree and water.

“The God of the whole earth shall he be called” (Isa. 54:5) —I. Everything in your experience is just saying, ‘This is what I AM. All is Me.’ A knowledge of aught beside Me is impossible. “Dwelling in light, I can see only the brightness of My own glory” (Un. 18:4-5).

You have to be conscious of something for it to be real to you, and you have no mind to be conscious of a mirage sense of existence for your only Mind is God, and what that Mind is knowing about itself is all there is to you.

Do look at Mis. 205—the paragraph beginning on line 13. You note it is the last scene in the corporeal sense, but since the last shall be first, it is the first and only scene in true spiritual sense.

If some error comes to the surface never think it is I. It is what I AM that is forbidding the presence of anything unlike Myself, and so forcing error to be self-seen and so self-destroyed without touching you, any more than steam passing from a kettle touches the kettle.

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June 1, 2003

Thank you for your letters. You never deal with the disguise that a problem wears because it is always the basic suggestion that something exists where God is not. The sense of this something is all there is to it, and your Mind does not sense it. A false sense constitutes its own phenomena, history, location, and personal identity, and none of it applies to you in any way because it does not exist.

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Barn House, November 3

Thank you for your call. There is no personal mission, motive, activity. Man does not have a personal mission, motive or activity. Man does not live in man. Man as man is nothing. All there is to man is God-manifest, just as all there is to your mirror image is you in evidence. Man does not experience the activity and goodness of God. God experiences this, and calls this experience man. Nothing is experienced by man: all is experienced by God as man.

Just rest in the sweet and safe sense that God is being all of you and that you live as the effortless being of God. It is God that conceives, brings to birth and maintains every idea in a state of mature perfection, and the allness of infinite good precludes the possibility of anything else getting in the way to thwart or delay His plan.