Doris Dufour Henty

Doris Dufour Henty was introduced to Christian Science at a very young age when a friend of her father’s lent the family a copy of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. A short time after her introduction to Christian Science, she experienced a remarkable, complete healing from facial paralysis and various other ailments. After studying with several of Mrs. Eddy’s students in Boston, Massachussetts, Mrs. Henty returned to her home in London where from a teenager she naturally engaged in the healing work. In the words of her sister Flora, who wrote the Foreword to Addresses and Other Writings on Christian Science, “She was a great giver. She was so sure of what her real substance was that she never ceased giving. Everyone was precious to her. Nothing was allowed to get in the way of her Science, even though she managed her home efficiently and with a constant sense of abundance.” For over 60 years she devotedly and unceasingly gave fully of her time and understanding to others as and when they came across her path. Many have reported of wonderful healings and received a pure teaching. She maintained a full household of workers in order to enable her to devote every moment of the day and many nights to this work.

Addresses and Other Writings on Christian Science

This edition includes 25 papers (and all previous supplements) given by Mrs. Henty over a number of years to Christian Science Associations. The Foreword, written by her sister, includes an account of Mrs. Henty’s first learning of Christian Science, and her subsequent remarkable healing.

1. Entirely Separate
2. Christ-Acknowledgment versus Human Effort
3. The Christ Way
4. The Glorious Life of God and Man
5. The Veil Is Lifted
6. The Irresistible Healing Power of the Word of God
7. The Lord’s Prayer
8. The Sabbath Day
9. Instantaneous Healing
10. I AM
11. The Sum-Total of Good Is Man’s Natural State
12. The All-Inclusiveness of Being
13. Man’s Inevitable Abundance
14. “What Went Ye Out for to See?”
15. In Thy Light
16. “My Kingdom Is Not of This World”
17. There Is No Unwedded State
18. “What Is His Name?” “Christ Science.”
19. Greater Works
20. The Nature of the Infinite
21. The Holy City
22. The Perfection of Being
23. The Correct Standpoint Reveals Man’s Perfection
24. The Marriage Feast
25. God’s Will