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Barn House, 11th November

That which feels unfulfilled or blighted is that which believes it is starting outside of its Principle and is trying to attain some point. The reverse is true. You start with your co-existence with your divine Principle, Love, and so as the shared experience of “Principle and its idea…” as one substance, one consciousness, one Being. (See S&H 465:17)

“Perfection is gained only by perfection” (S&H 290:19-20). It is the present fulfillment, perfection, satisfaction of being that is where we begin, and the only progress is the falling away of that which claims to hide what we are. I, Love, have never known anything other than My fullness. I have never known a blighted bud or a disappointment. I have never known a choice because there are no alternatives in the infinite One. I start and stay as a sense of total perfection and completeness, and there is nothing in My Mind to think otherwise.