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Barn House, 14 August 1998

The acceptance of a so-called mortal mind as ours or anyone’s is the acceptance of its conditions because this mind constitutes its own phenomena. On the other hand, the acceptance of the one divine Mind as ours means also the acceptance of its conditions, whether or not these are confirmed by matter, because Mind constitutes its thoughts.

That which says ‘I need to see this’ or ‘I must stay with this’ is not the one Mind speaking, but the belief in a separate life and mind trying to cling to something outside of itself. This cannot be.

S&H 477:6-7 means that I, Soul, the one Ego, am not in that which manifests Me, but My manifestation remains in Me. That is why the word “in” is obsolete in Science. Beginning as Mind, your whole experience is showing forth to yourself what I eternally AM.