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Barn House, 14th December 1996

You say, ‘I accept I am one with Principle’. But beware. It is the one I, Principle’s idea of I, that is one with Principle, for the I is Principle and not idea. No person can make this statement. In Principle’s idea of I there is no mortal I to drop and indeed, person cannot get rid of person anyhow. It is all a myth.

The senses will always deny the truth, and this is why it is the corporeal senses that are to be seen as illusion and not just their phenomena. Mind dwells in the realm of Mind. This is where I AM. I, Love, never lose sight of the loveliness of My being. I, Soul, feel the satisfaction of My own being. I, Life, nourish and perpetuate My own being. Nothing true ever mingles with the belief of personal sense trying or not trying to be spiritual.

Error never challenges Truth. The allness of Truth knows no challenge and no threat and no alternative. It is God’s thoughts about God that constitute our experience, and you can usefully take time just pondering the thoughts that each synonym is having about itself and realising that these thoughts constitute all the experience there is.