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Barn House, 15th January 1999

S&H 114:2-3. It is so important to recognise that the picture is never a person under the influence of mortal mind but is actually mortal mind, mirage itself, disguised as person, place or thing. There are no persons. I like 286:12-15 where we see that, because Jesus was ‘original’—that is, he knew his origin to be Principle, the only cause—he did not seek any cause whatsoever in matter. Nor could any so-called physical picture be the cause of hope or depression. “He plunged be- neath the material surface of things, and found the [spiritual] cause” (313:23-26). There is no cause in either the physical or the so-called mental. Principle is cause. Hence, again on page 286:21-26, there is no cause outside of Principle. You live as total presence. Not as a part. See Mis. 18:19.