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Barn House, 18 February 1999

Always remember that we live in a world of consciousness, not matter. The statement “…all is Mind…” (S&H 275:21- 23) is fundamental. If we think that Science causes Mind to do something to matter, we have got it wrong. It can’t. It is consciousness instead of matter.

“All that really exists is the divine Mind and its idea…” (S&H 151:26-27). This means two things. First, substance consists of ideas or thoughts. Second, all God can have an idea about is Himself. So God’s thoughts about God consti- tute man and the universe. They are the substance of yourself. (See S&H 286:21-22)

You can go through the synonyms and ponder what this means, but as an example, Love’s thoughts about Love would include harmony, beauty, loveliness etc. Life’s thoughts about Life would include strength, eternality, newness. Truth’s thought about Truth include integrity, uprightness. Principle’s thoughts about itself have to include balance, undeviating law, control, and so on.

The sum of these thoughts—and they are infinite in number—comprise God’s knowledge of Himself. This is
the truth of yourself. In math you have a body of knowledge that consists of the rules, laws, ideas of math that underlie its practice. So in the ideas, rules, laws which express God, these are the ideas of God which constitute man. We see therefore that the infinite embodiment of God’s thoughts about God is really the body of God, which is another word for man. This body, man, manifestation, expression, image, is as safe, whole, ageless and free as God Himself.