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Barn House

It is well to remember that we never begin with a problem and then pray about it. We are told to begin with God and this means that we shut the door on what the senses are telling us and let thought be full of what God, Life, Truth, Love, is being and is constituting of Himself as All. There is no room for anything else. This is what is meant to “… cling steadfastly to God and His idea” (S&H 495:14-15) and to “allow nothing but His likeness to abide in your thought.” There is no human clinging to the truth, but God and His idea, constituting all consciousness, do not allow anything else to invade. And that which holds Mind’s likeness in thought is Mind itself, and Mind’s thought constitutes all that infinite Mind knows. Mind’s thought is Mind-manifest, and this is man and is all that is true of you now. This is your exemption from all evil for Mind contains no mortal record.

Do note in S&H 187:27 that “the human mind still holds in belief a body, through which it acts and which appears [to the human mind] to live.” But neither this so-called mind, nor the body or experience that it claims to have, are ever true and are only apparent to that which is non-mind (belief ) in the first place. Your prayer is the acknowledgement of what is and this alone takes care of what is not.