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Barn House, 20th February 2000

Intelligence is imparted by Mind in the most free and effortless way. Nothing is imparted by person and no person receives intelligence. Intelligence constitutes all, as one infinite, indivisible whole, untouched by the belief of personal intelligence, capacity or effort.

There are no choices in Mind. “No wisdom is wise but His wisdom…” (S&H 275:17), and this appears as the wise and intelligent move at every level. There is no return to positions outgrown, and nothing static in Love. The one Mind, the one I, outlines everything but is not outlined. I like Ret. 56:22 only, 57:15-16, and S&H 260:28. The Principle is always above what it reflects, and man is the effortless reflection of indivisible intelligence, ease, safety, freedom, and joy. God does not have to struggle to be God.

There is no human ‘I’ trying to stay with the fact of one I. There is one I, one Mind, already present and so, by its presence, precluding every claim to an opposite. Any sense of stress could only come from thinking that you have to do something. The step in this moment is to enjoy this indivisible oneness of the divine Life, which is the same Life for “Principle and its idea…” (S&H 465:17).

The scientific statement of being begins with a denial and an affirmation (see S&H 468:8). The correlative scripture begins with the affirmation; and the statement that “it doth not yet appear” (1 John 3:2) is supposed denial of the present status of man. It is there to be denied, and not accepted. I cover this a bit in the new book where it deals with the scien- tific statement of being.