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Barn House, 22nd December 1998

S&H 545:7-20 is so good. We do not start out by saying, ‘I have a problem. Now what do I have to see in order to heal it? How can I improve my thinking to achieve a healing?’ That is the way to buy all the error there is for it starts by accepting the false view, which is no view.

Man was given dominion. One Mind means that there has always been one I, and so one source of all thought, feel- ing and action, and to this Mind, your Mind, there has never been another ego to say ‘I have a problem’. Your Mind, con- stituting all consciousness, alone sees, hears, moves and feels. The suggestion of another is mirage. Your Mind has never taken it in. There is no other mind to know anything but the one. “All consciousness is Mind, and Mind is God” (Ret. 56:18). This is our Mind and it is just full of its own wonder- ful thoughts about itself, and there has never been another.

There is no mind that has to learn something.