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Barn House, 25 February 2000

S&H 89:18-19. Knowledge through the senses is always unnecessary! S&H 274:3-4 again means that because it is temporal, it is also unnecessary. The only intelligence is divine and it is this that is the godliness that animates you.

S&H 128:11-14. The point is that the human mind never increases in wisdom and knowledge, but wisdom and knowledge decrease the human mind. The human mind imbued with the divine ceases to be human.

We read that “a Christian Scientist is under constant pressure to come out and be separate” (S&H 451:2). But Christ Science, which is your name (Mis. 167:14), is divine under- standing, which, knowing nothing outside itself, is under no pressure at all.

“The divine understanding reigns, is all, and there is no other consciousness” (S&H 536:8-9).