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Barn House, 25 June 1997

I have been thinking about S&H 252:32-1. Spirit is the Ego that never dreams but knows. The ‘I’ is Spirit, not reflection. I AM Spirit. Man, whose senses are spiritual – man, whose senses belong to Me and reside in Me—is My likeness, for man is My own divine sense of being. I alone hear, see, feel, speak: man is the evidence to Me of what I AM being. I give immortality to man – to My consciousness, because it is inseparable from Me. I experience the perfection of being, the beauty of holiness, imperishable glory, because they are all Mine and man is their evidence. I, Spirit, experience: man is My experience. Man is nothing of his own separate from Me. My thoughts about Myself constitute My manifestation or man; My body. Man does not have a body any more than he has senses—man is the body or embodiment of what I know of Myself. He is My divine sense of everything that con- stitutes Myself. All that I know about Myself is man. Man is the pure river of water of Life proceeding from Me: the outpouring of bliss and glory emanating from Me and known to Me.

In Me there has never been a mental or a physical wound. II Tim. 2:19 shows that the foundation of everything lies in the fact that Mind knowing its own ideas, them that are His, constitutes the sealed up sum total of being, in which nothing could be torn apart from its fundamental basis. This is how I live. Only a fictitious finite sense, seeking something outside itself, starts from a basis of incompleteness and a need to put something right. But this sense is not My divine sense of being but is non-sense, no sense at all, because it is neither God nor man.