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Barn House, 2nd April 1996

Thank you for your good letter. The mortal cannot help being dissatisfied because it believes its world to be outside
of itself—elusive, frustrating, belonging to an unrequited past or an unpredictable future. Memory is always a betrayer, a ‘might have been’ for it denies the Science of what is Being. Memory is mortal mind’s upside down view of that which really exists as the omniscience of Mind. Mind does not remember, it knows. There is no past, no mortal history in Mind, and so no future to fear. Before Abraham was—before there was ever a mortal suggestion—I AM. I do not know another. There is no mortal history.

The tenacity of belief—of which she speaks—depends on the tenacity of our accepting we are a believer. In Science the belief constitutes the believer, and I, Mind, do not believe: I know.

The dream of mortal existence is like a novel. Its events and characters have no existence outside the mind of their author. “Those instructed in Science have reached the glorious perception that God is [the] only author of man” (S&H 29:14-16). “My world has sprung from Spirit, in everlasting day” (Mis. Foreword) and only that which emanates here and now from and as Spirit, the one Ego, is true of Me.

I have never thought much of reunions. Leaving one phase of experience we have little reason to return.