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Barn House

We have just talked, and I will see this gets to you before you go. Go in the strength of your present divinity, untouched by the shadows of what mortal mind sees to be your human-hood. The Christ is here, and the Christ is the truth, the divinity, of every single thing that makes up your experience, whatever the language or form of expression in which it may appear.

Science does not put new wine into old bottles: that is, it does not try to put your divinity into what appears as your humanity—but it does say that, because your divinity is all here now, and is whole and perfect, these facts cannot be hidden by the old way of thought that sees you humanly. If there is one Mind and that Mind is infinite, then it is your Mind now, and there is no other. Therefore, when the ideas of God constitute consciousness, it is as if God Himself were present undertak- ing everything. And this is the case. You speak as the Word of God because it is God speaking, with no mortal sense in the way. Your oneness with the divine Mind—the oneness of consciousness and its Mind—ensures that you speak and live as One having authority.