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Barn House, 6 September 1998

I have not heard for a few days but am staying with the fact that the one Mind, which is the Principle or source of all, is constituting, governing, maintaining, animating, prospering and guarding its own idea of itself. This idea, which is all that is true about what appears as you or anyone, is exempt from all evil because it never leaves the Mind that has the idea. It is unseen and unknown by a so-called mortal mind, which sees only its own misconception of the divine idea; and your Mind, in turn, has never heard of a mortal concept. Far from ignoring the human need, it meets it by effacing the shadow of mortal mind which pictures man as a mortal ego, and thus reveals the one and only man to be the Christ man, as perfect as the Father. The shadow on a wall never touches the wall and it is removed, not by tinkering with the shadow, but by the light. You are the light of the world.