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Barn House, 7th December

What does God preserve? “He will preserve thy soul” (spiritual sense) and “The divine Mind maintains all identi- ties” (S&H 70:12) (its divine sense of being). This divine sense of being, which is known from the standpoint of and as Mind, includes everything from the infinitesimal to the infi- nite, and there is nothing apart from this all-inclusive divinity to enter or to escape.

Mind never preserves that which does not express Mind. Mortals will continue to be more or less deprived of Truth so long as they believe themselves to be substance (301:5-8), and this is why Truth must be understood (from the standpoint

of Truth) before the Science of being can be understood. In this divine sense of being, nothing does not have to become nothing, for it is nothing. And, something can never become nothing because “…the doctrine of Christian Science: [is] that divine Love cannot be deprived of its manifestation…” (S&H 304:9-11) or divine sense of everything. Since Mind constitutes all thought, nothing alien can grow upon the thought (the only place where error can claim to grow) and “the recognition of life harmonious—[as] Life eternally is—[note lower and upper case for L] can and does destroy any painful sense of, or belief in,that which Life is not” (S&H 495:18-20).

We hold this truth, the divine sense of everything, perpet- ually in thought. Whose thought? Mind holds it perpetually in its thought or sense of being. There is nothing else.