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Barn House, 7th July 1997

S&H 43:27-1. This passage contains some very important points. The first is that it is the divine that overcomes the human at every point. This actual divinity was the Science that Jesus lived and demonstrated and was. There was nothing to him but this divine Science. The human concept was never an alternative but just a finite, upside down view of the divine. It could only disappear. This is why “the reward for his faithfulness” (S&H 34:26) was the disappearance of the human concept or Jesus. But he did not disappear with it!

Truth and Love seal the victory before the thorns can be laid aside. To expect a victory to be dependent on a human laying aside the thorns first is not sense. It is the fact that the victory is forever and already sealed by Truth and Love, that the thorns of experience have never been. They are eternally laid aside because the victory, the sealed up total of good, has already pre-empted them. There are no thorny experiences in the divine Life and never have been.

You cannot catch fish by night! To try and solve the problem from within its terms of reference, is to toil all night and catch nothing. It is thought that is above and outside the problem of mortal existence that is conscious of and experiences Truth and Love. Then ‘Jesus’ sad repast’ where the human is laying down the thorns of identification with the human, becomes the morning meal where the eternal victory is recognised. These two meals are altitudes of thought, and not states of time. Victory is always now. The recognition of the kingdom as ever present reached John’s vision while, in belief, he still tabernacled with mortals.