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Barn House, 8th February 1998

We do not waste a moment in ascribing any sort of cause to something that does not exist. Family, opinions, circumstances, are not cause. There is no mortal mind, so nothing to embody itself that is not God. Persons, places, things are the disguise: the culprit is mortal mind, and that just is not. The only way we can work today is as the oneness and allness of divine Love, precluding the possibility of all else.

This is why we shut the door and have audience with Spirit. To have audience is to hear what someone is saying. To gather the facts of being from Spirit, Mind, is to hear the glad sound. To believe that mortal mind can communicate to you is part of the dream.

This is your real work. In the same way, you do not work to avoid wearing glasses. Bicknell Young once said, “I wear my error on my nose”. The understanding of the spiritual fact causes the belief about that fact to fade out and our only concern is with the fact, with the light, and not with the window pane through which it shines.

There is not God and His idea of something, and a mortal misconception. The latter is the mirage and has no identity, no location, no history, no substance. It is nothing.