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Barn House, 8th November 1997

People think that they have to deal with a situation, and then fear that it is dealing with them. What thinks this? Does Mind think such a thing? If not, then it can only be mortal mind talking to itself about its own misconception of being. If this is so then it is not what mortal mind is saying that you dispute, but the belief that there is any mind whatsoever outside of God.

Mortal mind, being a term for nothing, never made a dis- ease, a lack, a mistake, a scapegoat. The statement that it does never made it true. There are none of these things. Being is God, good. The acceptance in thought of a misstatement is all there is to it. Mind does not accept it, and “Brain or matter never formed a human concept” (S&H 259:24-25).

Please read S&H 470:5-10. To accept the basic error of more than one mind leads to loss, loss, loss. So the reverse is true, and the recognition of one Mind leads to gain, gain, gain. To hold ourself as a mortal trying to regain something that is lost is abortive. Why? Because the mortal is a myth. See S&H 478:24-26 and 476: 13-15. You cannot tinker with a myth. (See also S&H 150:31-1)

The dreamer (mortal mind) and its dream, the sinner (mortal mind) and its sin, are one package deal, and a lie at that. You live as the Adorable One consisting of Mind and its thought, Love and its inviolate manifestation.

Give up the belief that personal identity has any more to do with you than a photo of yourself in a shop window has. See S&H 416:16 only. The whole personal story is just a bad novel, and its author is mortal mind. Go to a library and get a book with a new author! “Those instructed in Christian Science have reached the glorious perception that God is the only author of man” (S&H 29:14-16). Mind constitutes its own evidence and history. Mind, the one I, antedates Abraham and the whole mortal story.