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Barn House, April 1, 1999

We read that mortal mind constructs the mortal body out of this mind’s own materials. (See S&H 402:13-15) What are these? Simply thoughts that do not emanate from Mind, and so are not thoughts at all. On the other hand, we read that we must “Correct material belief by spiritual understanding, and Spirit will form you anew” (S&H 425:24-26). Everything is thought, and so there is nothing to put right. Mortal thought—the material, personal sense of body or anything—is illusion, mesmerism. An illusion does not have an objectification. A false sense of something is all there is to that thing. This is why we are told in this Lesson to correct the false sense, and not the things that it claims to see. (S&H 298:10-12) There is no mind to have a false sense of anything, and it is this claim of mind and not what it claims to objectify, that is the only culprit—and at that, nothing. The admission of what it claims is all there is to it. Un. 54:3-10 is helpful. That which is insensible to evil, even as a claim, is the Mind that I AM and that never knew its possibility. I do not become insensible: I AM insensible.

There is no personal life/body. This is the dream calling itself a dreamer, and does not exist.