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Barn House, June 14, 1998

I so often return to the statement in S&H 114:2-6. Sick and sinful humanity does not suffer from mortal mind but mortal mind constitutes the illusion called sick and sinful humanity. (See S&H 293:9-10) This is why it is no good trying to treat an illusion. The illusion dissolves into nothingness in the presence of the one Mind which includes its own perfect sense of man. In every case the problem is not what it seems as phenomenon, but is always mortal mind constituting the phenomenon. It is this that we refute, in the understanding that the one Mind does not permit another.

When Jesus said, “…I am no more in the world…” ( John 17:11) and “My kingdom is not of this world” ( John 18:36) the original Greek for “world” was “mankind”. We do not live in, as, or because of mankind, and in shaking off mortal mind we find that our existence as Mind in self-expression as man is uninterrupted. This is why we cannot expect to pray “as a corporeal person to God” for that puts the oneness of God and man outside of experience (S&H 13:20).

The human, mortal mind (and they are one and the same) contains all error. It is this that has to be put off, shaken off; and its contents go with it. The dropping of the fleshly ties constitute the footsteps of Truth. They are the mortal taking backward steps in the presence of the eternally divine. We live here and now as divinity and this is our only concern: and this takes care of that which never had anything to do with us.

There is one Life for God and man now. The belief in a mortal life is not an alternative to the true Life, something out of which we have to work—but is a misstatement of the one Life and is to be dropped (see S&H 369:19-22). This explains why Mind is supreme in the physical world, so-called, because all there is to the physical world is this misstatement of that which is really the divine. (S&H 427:23-25)