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Barn House, September 9, 1997

We never try to deal with any problem from within the dream of material existence, since this itself is the problem. It begins with the suggestion of a life and mind that is separate from God and then tries to correct what this so-called mind and life experiences. In Science “…we begin with Mind” (S&H 467:30), and this really means that God begins with God since there is nothing else. We read that “God’s thoughts are perfect and eternal, are substance and Life” (S&H 286:21-22), and it is God’s thoughts about God that constitute the Life and substance of the universe, and so all that appears to be yourself.

Only that which is true from the standpoint of God is true. So we can readily see that there is no ‘retirement’ from Life manifest as all activity. There is no diminution of the resources of Soul, the one I or Ego, since ideas are unchanging. There is no setting sun, because noontide glory is the fact of being. These are facts and they antedate any mortal story, and they are the qualities that “Being possesses … before they are perceived humanly” (S&H 247:19-21). The apparent human improvement is simply the limited, human perception of something fading out before the light of Truth and thus no longer obscuring what already is.

We are told when the illusion tempts us, to “cling steadfastly to God and His idea” (S&H 495:14-15). That is, we recognise what the illusion claims to be (see S&H 293:9-10) and then we turn right away and let what is true from the standpoint of God—God’s idea of everything—occupy consciousness. That does its own work.

Every mortal picture is just the mirage. We do not conform to a mirage, but we do let it dissolve in the light of true perspective.