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A line before leaving on this matter of control.

S&H 177:5-7 and 166:3-7 repay study. Mind’s control
is really Mind’s control over its own thoughts and ideas that never leave the Mind that thinks them. As these ideas of ever present goodness and wholeness, the divine nature, are present as your consciousness, so in fact is the divine Mind present
as you, and so controlling every function and faculty of your experience. This is what, in the second reference, is called “the conscious control…” (emphasis added). Because “All con- sciousness is Mind, and Mind is God” (Ret. 56:18) the only control is from this Mind. This is conscious control.

Mortal mind, being only a term for that which hides the truth, and so nothing in its own right, is unconscious. It can- not control anything. Everything in your experience here and now is the functioning presence of the divine Mind control- ling every effect. Mortal mind, ignorance, may seem to hide from itself this fact, just as the clouds seem to hide the light of the sun. But this light and the spiritual facts of existence are here now and are always apparent to that which lives on the sunny side of the clouds—to that thought that maintains its oneness with the divine Mind and does not identify as a mortal trying to find the light of Truth.