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8th March 1987

“Divine Science rolls back the clouds” (S&H 557:19). You are never being rolled. The truth is that Mind demands the proof of its own existence, and this proof is its expression or manifestation. The conscious identity of being is man, and Mind makes being conscious of its identity by showing forth what it is. Mind demands the display of strength to show forth the proof of its own omnipotence. That is why Mind (omnipotence) demands man’s entire strength. It does not belong to man. Mind calls forth the opportunity to demonstrate itself. Mind demands and Mind supplies in response to that demand.

Mortal mind (terminology) claims to reverse this and to say that the initiative is with something outside Mind, calling on Mind to meet its need and supply its deficiency. It says that demand comes from effect instead of Cause. It therefore places a gap between need and supply. The fact is that need and supply are two aspects of one being.

It is never some problem calling forth Truth to supply an answer, but always Truth demanding the proof of what it already is. The initiative is with Truth, and nothing takes place at the level of mortal mind.

Much love and I appreciate all you are. And remember the qualities of Soul are always in perfect balance with and supported by the qualities of Spirit.

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11th February 1990

I was so glad to hear of your experience with Mozart. I feel it is just as we read on page 574:10, that the ministry of Truth, the message from Love, brings the experience that lifts the seer, the spiritual seer, to behold the great city. But it is the seeing that is lifted, and Mind does the lifting.

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14th August 1989

Here is the translation from the Greek of John 1:1-3:

“In continuous existence was the faculty of knowing, and the faculty of knowing was with God, and the faculty of knowing was God. The same was in continuous existence with Him: all things came into existence by Him and without Him not even one single thing came into existence.”

God is knowable because only God is able to know.

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3rd July 1988

I have found S&H 503:20-22 helpful. “Immortal and divine Mind presents the idea of God: first, in light; second, in reflection; third, in spiritual and immortal forms of beauty and goodness.”

Mind appears as illumination; then as reflection, which is the spiritual activity of Mind; and then as specific form. These are the three stages whereby Love inspires, illumines and designates. There is no fourth stage, whereby idea has an idea about something. In other words, we do not know the truth about something, since knowing the truth is the idea of Truth. There is no extension to consciousness. Knowing the truth does not have a result: it is the result.

Matter disappears in the radiation of Spirit. This is the irradiance of Life which is what you are.

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19th May 1988

This is first a mental picture, and error is not mentality because “the great fact is that evil is not mind.”

Thinking does not cause or affect something. Thinking is all there is to anything. There is nothing outside the thinking or ‘I’ of it. There is one Mind, or I. There is no scar in the record of this Mind.

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25th September 1986

The eternal builder does not work in the same dimension as the mortal. The great architect is not subject to red tape. Matter neither denies nor confirms the truth. It appears that the mortal and immortal pictures dwell together until the time of harvest, and so we are tempted to believe that one has to apply to the other, or that one will become the other. We only deal with this properly by seeing that the harvest is now. The tares and the wheat are separated through the understanding of God, good, as ever present and not…four months off.

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12th August

Is there more than one builder, more than one architect, more than one law or source of approval? Then the problem is not red tape, but the belief that God asks permission from matter for being to be what it is.

The foundation that is sure is “the Lord knoweth them that are His”. Mind knowing its own eternal ideas is the foundation and superstructure of being. 2nd Tim.2:19.

Also you know Pan. 12:12: “The altitude of Christianity openeth, high above the so-called laws of matter, a door that no man can shut…”

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6 Astell Street, 3 June

The bit on page 442:19-25 of S&H is interesting. You see, we sometimes do things that help to put the corporeal picture out of the way, and this changes a belief of discomfort to one of comfort because it is the nearest right at the time. But the real purpose of Science is always to melt the belief that Life or capacity was ever outside Mind, and this melted belief is the only really improved belief, for spiritual understanding has replaced belief, and so it can never return.

So we do not stay with changed belief but with melted belief, and we go on rejoicing in the spiritual fact of your true capacity that has never lapsed and never been restored.

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6 Astell Street, 6 December

Soon I imagine, you will be having exams or their equivalent. And this is a happy thing because you know that it is no longer a matter of one human mind testing another human mind, but the occasion for the one, infinite Mind that we call God to show forth His own effortless intelligence. It says in Isaiah, “Ye are my witnesses, saith the Lord, … that I am he” (Isa. 43:10). And this is all we are ever being: just witness to the intelligence, happiness, certainty, ability and presence of God.

It also says in the Psalms, “…he will bring forth thy righteousness” (Ps. 37:6). This is all there is to bring forth. The word ‘righteousness’ originally meant ‘right knowing’ and so all that ever comes forth in your experience is your right knowing about everything.

The Mind that sets the question is the Mind that answers it, and it is all for the glory of God: the opportunity to show forth all the qualities of God.

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Barn House, 14 August 1998

The acceptance of a so-called mortal mind as ours or anyone’s is the acceptance of its conditions because this mind constitutes its own phenomena. On the other hand, the acceptance of the one divine Mind as ours means also the acceptance of its conditions, whether or not these are confirmed by matter, because Mind constitutes its thoughts.

That which says ‘I need to see this’ or ‘I must stay with this’ is not the one Mind speaking, but the belief in a separate life and mind trying to cling to something outside of itself. This cannot be.

S&H 477:6-7 means that I, Soul, the one Ego, am not in that which manifests Me, but My manifestation remains in Me. That is why the word “in” is obsolete in Science. Beginning as Mind, your whole experience is showing forth to yourself what I eternally AM.