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Dorset, 30 March 1995

Of course I will go on, and we remember that there is no way in which we can start out by trying to improve a human concept of anything. An idea is what is being. A concept is an opinion or a belief about what is being. As we let the idea occupy consciousness, so the concept fades out. This appears as human betterment because, really, it is the limited concept becoming less.

Man is defined in part as “…the conscious identity of being…” (S&H 475:16). This is how you live. Man, experience, effect, is the necessary way in which Cause is aware of its identity. Effect is as necessary to cause as cause is to effect. That is why “Principle and its idea is one…” (S&H 465:17). In this One, there is no human concept. Love could not identify itself as anything less than loveliness and so, fearlessness.

Remember, too, that it is not a question of a mortal seeing its true identity; but always of Truth identifying itself as eternal good, and asserting itself over the belief that there is any other mind or state of being.