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February 28, 1979

Thank you for yours of 19 February. Of course I will continue and am glad just to see this all through. Here are several points.

What mortal mind sees as a process in time, of sowing and reaping, is the counterfeit of the spiritual fact. “For God to know is to be” (No and Yes 16:1-2). What I know, I AM. Idea is the immediate object of understanding without delay. Hence S&H 183:8-15.

I AM ALL HERE NOW. I precludes he, she or they; AM precludes was or will be. All precludes an alternative. Here precludes there. Now precludes then. This is God’s law: the law of the great I AM which constitutes your experience.

Love knowing its own ideas is all that is going on instead of the belief of mortal minds believing their own beliefs; and it is here, in your own consciousness, and not there, in others, that we see this to be so. Then what we see here appears as there. Here is all there is to there!

You love your neighbor as yourself not by seeing him as your neighbor, but by seeing that the divine selfhood is all there is to you or him. So there is no other mind to be afraid. Love dissolves it.

As we said, being is underived. Mortal belief requires as essential, certain material conditions. But the essential nature of the infinite holds within itself all good and knows and requires nothing outside of itself. Hence S&H 460:6-8 and 465:13-14. One part does not give to or take from another part, since being is one indivisible whole. Never try to deal with what other folks are believing but know that in place of other folks’ minds is the one Mind knowing and being.

The world belief is mediumship: that is, that Spirit has to be expressed through matter. Underived being knows no medium. This understanding then causes what appears as the medium to conform with the least trouble. So you do not depend on the medium of bank for supply, but the understanding that supply is the direct experience of your Mind will cause the medium to behave!

The only growth is unfoldment: growth in “…grace, expressed in patience, meekness, love, and good deeds” (S&H 4:4-5). Hence your growth is not seen or influenced by world beliefs that apply to mortal mind’s own misconception of growth and not to you. You do not come under the law that applies to material growth. Yours is the unfoldment of good: not the expansion of matter. Hence 255:1-3.

There has never been a mistake so there is no penalty. Truth antedates error.