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Fir Tree Cottage, February 23

S&H 76:10-12. Living as that infinite Adorable One, called Principle and idea, Love and its manifestation, nothing about you ever entered a finite form. You live infinitely, as the infinite indivisible body or experience of Mind. The whole picture of a located, finite body in the first place, and so something right or wrong with it in the second place, is just mirage. The tree and water in a mirage may tell you that there is a tree and water, but it is neither of these and neither is located there. The pictures of a mortal state have no more to do with you than the pictures of a mirage have to do with the real tree and water.

“The God of the whole earth shall he be called” (Isa. 54:5) —I. Everything in your experience is just saying, ‘This is what I AM. All is Me.’ A knowledge of aught beside Me is impossible. “Dwelling in light, I can see only the brightness of My own glory” (Un. 18:4-5).

You have to be conscious of something for it to be real to you, and you have no mind to be conscious of a mirage sense of existence for your only Mind is God, and what that Mind is knowing about itself is all there is to you.

Do look at Mis. 205—the paragraph beginning on line 13. You note it is the last scene in the corporeal sense, but since the last shall be first, it is the first and only scene in true spiritual sense.

If some error comes to the surface never think it is I. It is what I AM that is forbidding the presence of anything unlike Myself, and so forcing error to be self-seen and so self-destroyed without touching you, any more than steam passing from a kettle touches the kettle.