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January 1979

I have not heard from you for some time to know how you are getting on and I feel the whole thing should be met. We will have a long talk to see if there is anything holding up the full appearing of what you already are.

In Jesus’ experience when he was being baptised by John, he had the vision of his true status when he heard the voice saying “This is my beloved Son…” (Matt. 3:17) and saw the dove descending from heaven. In other words, he saw that he had to come up out from the waters of compromise with mortal thinking and see that the whole of his being descended from the divine Mind, heaven, and that this coming forth was the beloved Son and nothing else was.

This coming forth, which is the Son, has no mortal start- ing point and returns to no mortal limit. It is the conscious- ness of the divine Mind proceeding from that Mind and remaining within it. Hence, “…Son, thou art ever with me…” (Luke 15:31).

Christian Science treatment is not a mental activity to bring about certain human results. It is the activity of the divine Mind unfolding itself, and in the process, precluding any consciousness unlike itself.

There is not Mind and a problem. There is just Mind. There is not a mortal conceiving Truth: there is just Truth conceiving itself and precluding any mortal sense.