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July 20

Thank you for your interesting letter.

I think I gave you Mis. 201:3-6. This means that if we make any desirable quality like peace, opportunity, activity, safety, etc.—all qualities of Spirit—subject to some material or external conditions, then this is human will, and so the denial of the fact that “…matter can make no conditions for man” (S&H 120:11-12).

The second point is S&H 97:13-17 and margin at line 7. Any apparent change in human appearances is a dangerous resemblance! The human never crosses over the border into the divine, nor does the mortal become immortal. There is no magic moment of healing. But the false sense dissolves before the true. All material beliefs give place to Spirit’s own scientific demonstration, and this demonstration is God’s perfect man that you already are. As you correctly write, ‘knowing illimitable divinity IS the demonstration’, and, of course, it is God that does the knowing. God-knowing is man.

The contrast between Peo. 5:23-24 and S&H 465:17-1 is interesting. In both cases, one in belief and the other in fact, experience is subject to and constituted by the mind that is seeing it. The true sense of subjectivity is to accept only that which is true from the standpoint of your divinity. All else is just belief calling itself a believer and experiences the consequence of belief. None of this is you.

An “idea about” man means to put man somewhere outside thought. The idea that is man never leaves thought nor the Mind that conceives it. The idea of home is home. The idea of substance is substance. Man is the idea of God, God’s idea of everything, and never leaves Mind. You live as that oneness called Principle and idea, or Singer and song, or Smiler and smile!

Your question about the Movement is one I will turn back to you! Where is your sense of movement, church, Science going? Is there anything outside the sense of it? Are you accepting Mind’s immaculate conception or the human concept as your thought?