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July 23

The verse in Matthew 16:19 which is the key to the king- dom, and so is of paramount importance to our study, is that which is “…immovably fixed in Principle” (S&H 93:12-13) has to come forth as our experience here and now, and that which is precluded from Principle, Mind, is precluded from earth. As in heaven so on earth.

The cement of a higher humanity, which is the immovable fixedness of all things good, is the fact that all that is bound in heaven, all that is one with the divine Mind, is our experience here and now. But what does not belong to the divine Mind is precluded from our experience now.

Our models of divinity form our ideas of humanity, so know your divinity, and all that belongs to that comes forth as tangible, appreciable experience. (See 260:8-12)