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March 10

Pursuing our last talk, one can only be angry at objectivity; that is, at the belief that there is an external world to thought. But all that comes to our experience does so at the point of consciousness. Do we permit the external pictures—even of a world we want to put right—to occupy our consciousness that we have accepted to be the divine Mind? I am not angry with Myself. A woman cannot right the wrongs done to woman: only, as I said, the male and female of His presence, the innate self-completeness of your being, already established and safe, can do this, for it is what you are that precludes what you are not.

Christ Jesus taught and proved the Fatherhood of God. Divine Science has revealed the Motherhood of God, and thus completes the revelation that the only Parent, the only origin, of man is our Father-Mother God. To reject this is to reject your true selfhood. The world’s hatred of Truth is the resistance of the so-called human mind to the truth of being. I do not resist Myself. Does this say anything?

I like S&H 162:5-11. I bring to My experience the sunlight of Truth. This causes the human mind, and the problems it contains, to change its base: that is, to give itself up in the presence of what is true. Thus mind ceases to be human.

With love and all support, and remember we are only dealing with mental pictures and thought, not physique.